Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reflections on our Busy Weekend

Thanksgiving has come and gone sadly. It seems to arrive so quickly and then everyone is on their way home. What a wonderful time of family fellowship we had sharing a host of goodies and playing with the grandchildren. While it was hectic at times, it was cherished. Every smile, hug and helping hand was a rich blessing to us. There is nothing like family!

The house is quiet now and the dishes are all put up; but the memories remain indelibly printed on our hearts. I cannot help but remember what I found printed in the back of my Grandfather's Bible. One Christmas, he wrote about the gathering of our whole family at his home. He wished that the evening would never end and that he could capture that moment forever. I understand now what he meant when he wrote that heartfelt thought. For me, the joy is that while our earthly evenings will eventually come to an end, we will all be together for eternity because we share our faith in Jesus Christ. One day we will all sit around His table in heaven at the marriage supper of the Lamb and we will never be parted. I thank God for that gift of free grace He has given to us through Christ, and for the blessing of our family times together.

Hope your Thanksgiving celebrations were sweet and left indelible memories on your hearts as well!

Barbara and Glenn

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