Wednesday, April 13, 2011


     Recently, I had the privilege of babysitting two of our grandsons for a couple of days.  Our son and daughter in law needed a little get away time, and I am always  happy to keep our grandchildren.  I sat on the floor playing cars with them, reading books and building blocks.  The downside occurred when I tried to get off the floor quickly.  While I feel like I am young in my spirit, my body has begun to tell me otherwise especially when keeping up with two toddlers.  By the time my son and daughter in law returned,  I ached in places that I never knew I had, but the time was a blessing for me.  Quite simply, I refuse to buy into the idea that a person is either too young or too old to serve others and God.
     Unfortunately, I have met a number of retired people who feel as though their days of service are over.  They tell me, "It's time for someone else to get involved in this ministry.  However, when I search the Scriptures, I have yet to find an expiration date on service.  I realize there are some physical limitations that come with age, but there is also wisdom and experience that come from a walk with the Lord.  Our bodies may not be able to move as quickly, but we can offer hugs, a loving talk with a friend, prayer for someone who is in need, or a phone call to a shut-in.  A biblical instruction which speaks to this comes from Titus 2:3-4 where Paul encourages older women to be reverent and teach the younger women how to love their husbands and manage their homes.  How many marriages could be saved or strengthened if we had more older men and women intervene with godly counsel?
     On the other end of the spectrum, I know some young people who feel they are not qualified to serve the Lord due to their age.  Once again, I believe that Scripture contradicts that notion.  Paul admonished Timothy: "Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity" ( I Timothy 4:12).  The challenge for teens and young adults alike is to live a life which reflects a worldview that is foreign to our secular society.  Speech, conduct, love, faith and purity are character qualities that when demonstrated in a life can have a great impact on those around you.
    When I first moved to Florida, I was far from my family in Ohio.  I needed someone whom I could trust and share with.  God opened the door to a very special friendship with an older woman.  I remember she asked me one day why I wanted to hang around with her since there was such an age difference.  I told her that in the Lord there is no difference.  I needed to hear her wisdom.  I needed a shoulder to cry on and a mentor to guide me.  She provided that for me for many years.  I believe she also enjoyed hearing about the things which the Lord was teaching me.  We gave to one another a fresh perspective on walking in Christ.
     One day, when we cross into eternity, time will no longer exist.  Age will not matter.  What we need to remember here and now is that God wants to use us to glorify His name whether we are young or old.  Remember, Moses began leading the Children of Israel when he was eighty and David was anointed as Israel's next King when he was just a shepherd boy.  Age was not the factor here.  Our marching orders in Christ have never changed throughout the ages.  We have no excuse for refusing to serve Him.  Together we make up the body of Christ no matter where we are on this journey.  Lets remember that tomorrow brings fresh opportunities and we are never too young or too old to be used by God.  Selah!



Patricia said...

This is so good, Barbara. Thanks for the encouragement. XOX

Barbara Thayer said...

Thank you Pat. We just need reminders that we are valuable at any stage in life if we will let God guide and use us. You are a blessing in my life!