Sunday, May 8, 2011


     Today marks the celebration known as Mother's Day.  It is a time to remember all the faithful women

Our daughter Jordan and grandson Gavin
Our daughter-in-law Bonnie and grandson Aiden
in our lives who gave of themselves tirelessly: our own mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts cousins, sisters and friends who mothered us as well.  In honor of this special occasion, I wanted to share a poem that my grandfather had framed on his wall.  This represents the reality that we all need to live with...there will be troubles and woes in this life, but God has promised to walk with us through them.  Women of God know that and trust in Him to see them through  the hard places in life.  May this encourage and bless you today and through the year to come.  Happy Mother's Day!

What God Has           Promised
God has not promised
Skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways
All our lives thro’;
God has not promised
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow,
Peace without pain.

God has not promised
We shall not know
Toil and temptation,
Trouble and woe;
He has not told us
We shall not bear
Many a burden,
Many a care.
Daughter in law Jessica with grandson Briggs
But God has promised
Strength for the day,
Rest for the laborer,
Light for the way,
Grace for the trials,
                                                      Help from above,
                                                    Unfailing sympathy,

                                                 Undying love.

                                                                             Annie Johnson Flint


Craig said...

I don’t have a child of my own – a sister who has been like a daughter – but no children. So I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a grandmom – it has to be a special day for you I think – three times over? The prayer was nice. The pirctures better – your mom heart – the best. I hearted this Barbara – I really did. God bless and keep you and all of yours this day – this Mama’s day!! God bless.

Barbara Thayer said...

Craig thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. It is a very special day....we have four grandsons and one on the way...just didn't get all the boys pictures in the blog today. They are a treasure to be certain. I have had a blessed day indeed! Thank you for your friendship and all you write. It is wonderful to connect through our writing and share what God is doing. Blessings to you!