Monday, August 22, 2011

A Thayer European Vacation

We began our journey on time yesterday as we arrived at the airport early. However, the plane boarded late. Then, the weather was bad all along the eastern flight corridor so we sat on the tarmac for nearly two hours. Normally this would not matter but our connecting flight was to depart as we were to land. There is nothing you can do at those times but pray.
I have to admit that the ride was rocky as we navigated around those storms. We did land at the time the other plane was to depart so we ran to the other gate in another wing the airport. Fortunately, they waited for us and we made it on board. The second leg of our trip took seven hours in which we attempted to sleep. We made our arrival at 8:35 a.m. (five hours) later than Eastern time zone.
We rented our car (good sized considering the tight little streets in Scotland. My husband did a good job of learning how to stay on the left side. Our Tom Tom did not cooperate though which caused us to get lost several times. We think this has been corrected now but we are planning our routes more carefully to avoid confusion.
Our journeys took us to Stirling where we got to see the castle and the William Wallace statue. We visited the historic Holy Church of the Rood. Massive, beautiful and rugged best
describe it. John Knox preached at this church and one of the most historic Presbyterian leader Ebenezer Erskine was buried in the graveyard of the church.
Tomorrow, we plan to see Edinburgh castle, walk the royal mile and see the Military Tattoo which is comprised of the best bag pipe bands in the world. A feast for the ears!
Our room in Dalhousie Castle is themed after William Wallace and the castle is set in a
rural quiet setting surrounded by deep woods. I have visions of Robin Hood!
I will share more tomorrow. For this evening, I am exhausted! When I figure out how to share photos on blogger with you from my IPAD I will!


Patricia said...

So good to see this, Barbara. You've been in my thoughts all day. Even when I woke up at 4am, I guessed it was just about the time you would be arriving there...and I was right! I am sure you are exhausted, but it sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures.

Happy Belated Anniversary!!! You and Glenn are a beautiful testimony.


Petra said...

It's good to hear that you've arrived safely and that you're having fun. I look forward to reading and seeing more. Blessings!

Barbara Thayer said...

Thank you both for your prayers. When I can find an app to let me share pictures...I will do it. Spotty Internet here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, have a wonderful trip! Flights and catching connections can be a bit bumpy, but it sounds like it all worked out for you in the end. Hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly!

Barbara Thayer said...

Thanks Harma Mae...I have loved keeping track of your trip as well. I will keep you posted!

Libby said...

So glad you arrived safely. Traveling abroad is so exciting even though it has been years for me. Glenn..glad to hear you're driving skills are sharp..I couldn't do it! Have fun guys! I can't wait for more pictures!