Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Blue Eyes and a Precious Heart

     As I sit here listening to my Christmas music, I think once again of those big blue eyes that have so captured my heart and the heart of our family.  He is only four and yet, he has been in the hospital more times than most of us will ever be in this life.  Tethered again to a machine tracking his brain waves to seek the answer why he is having seizures, he smiles at the nurses who come into the room.  His parents ever faithful in their devotion to him and to the One who made him are weary but more determined than ever to find God's wisdom that will bring some relief from the electrical storms occurring in his brain.
     This young child displays a patience beyond his years and despite his limitations, he finds a way to communicate his thoughts.  Surrounded by his cars which he lines up carefully, he endures the I.V., the poking and prodding that are part of the hospital routine.  His smile lights up the room and cheers those to attend to his needs.  In these four short years, he has taught us all so many lessons.
     When I am tempted to complain over some insignificant issue (a lost earring, a misplaced car key, aches and pains), I remember Branson's patience as he goes through so many tests and doctor visits.  Oh yes, he does protest at times, but he is not a chronic complainer.  He bears up so well when faced with the challenges of daily living that he reminds me that we are to walk in the Spirit bringing forth the fruit of patience (Gal. 5:22).
      Another quality he displays is perseverance.  His determination shines as he tries to walk, and oh, how he wants to run after his brother.  If given the chance and some support by an adult, he will walk around and around the house.  His efforts are showing some fruit, and again, he demonstrates that practice, determination, and effort do produce results.  Jesus told us that those who put their hand to the plow and look back are not fit for the kingdom of heaven (Luke 9:62).  We are to move forward in following Christ, and in Him, we find the type of perseverance that keeps us on the straight and narrow path.  Just as   Branson remains single minded in his goal of walking, so we also are to remain single minded as we pursue a life of holiness in Christ.
     Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned from Branson is how to love and laugh at life.  His giggle is infectious.  His heart is tender, and he doesn't seem to know a stranger.  What a winsome outlook on life and one to be emulated.  When some take pity on a special needs child, it is because they do not know the blessing they are in this life.  If only we could love with great abandon like this little boy.  No wonder our Lord reminded his disciples:  "But Jesus called the children to Him and said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these'" (Luke 18:16).
     Indeed, those whose lives have been touched by this young boy with the big blue eyes have learned many lessons in living.  I stand amazed that God would bless our family with such a gift.  Special needs children may have limitations but the Lord has given them an abundance of His grace which they freely share with those around them.  Our family sees Branson as a present that we will spend a lifetime unwrapping.  No one knows the future nor can we predict all that God has in store for this child, but his life has brought about changes in all of us causing us to trust the Lord daily.
     Remember Branson in your prayers that an answer can be found to relieve the seizures.  Pray also for his faithful parents who love him and are his champions.  Our family is grateful for the prayers and we know that God is at work.  Selah!

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Christina said...

Oh Barbara, I loved reading about your little Branson and the great grace of God that is on display in his life despite this continued hardship.

I pray that the Lord continue to bless him and surround him with favor as a shield. May God strengthen his parents and all of your family as you seek to honor Him by caring with all of your heart for this precious little soul.

Thank you for sharing him! He is beautiful.

Barbara Thayer said...

Thanks for stopping by Christina. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts. He is a blessing to our hearts and lives to be certain and he is teaching us so very much.

He is now out of the hospital and happy to be home again with his parents and brothers. I know the Lord will continue to use him in our lives to teach us how to love more deeply. God is always so good!

Blessings dear sister!