Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Give Him a Call

The Cathedral of St. Giles in Edinburgh, Scotland
     When I was first learning to cook, I would often start a project and find that I did not know what temperature to bake the dish at or for how long.  Once I had mixed the ingredients, I would give a call to my mother or my sister both of whom were excellent cooks.  They would fill me in on the details of time and temperature and offer other good tips.  It certainly made me feel more confident to know they were just a phone call away.
     Now the tables are turned and I receive the phone calls from our daughter, our sons and daughters-in-law.  It is a great feeling to be able to help them as they take on the task of cooking delicious recipes. I like being available to help them out as I was helped.
     What is even better than recipe assistance though is knowing that we can call on God at any time of the day and He will answer us.  There is never a busy signal, circuit busy, dead zone where cell phones don't work, or interference when it comes to our heavenly Father.  In fact, this verse is often referred to as God's phone number.  Jeremiah 33:3 reads:  "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know."
     God, our sovereign King, invites us to call to Him and He promises to not only listen but to answer us as well.  Even beyond that, He will provide us with information that we do not know.  How wonderful to know that our God wants to openly communicate with us.  In fact, He loves and desires our communion in prayer so that He can share His wisdom with us.
     Are you short on knowledge or wisdom concerning a problem you face?  We can either wander through the darkness on our own or we can take advantage of this heavenly "hotline" called prayer and talk with Abba, Father about it.  He will answer us and tell us what ingredient we are missing in the recipe of our lives!  Selah!

How does God speak to your heart when you call to Him?  I welcome your thoughts here.


Christina said...

Amen, Barbara. I think the point you are bringing out here needs to be stated over and over. How easy it is to forget throughout the course of the day that He is closer than a cry of the heart. I also love the picture of your daughter calling needing help. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this Barbara. It's so funny how the Holy Spirit works in all of us by often many bringing the same kinds of thoughts to mind. Yesterday I was thinking about how thankful I am that I can talk to God as much as I want and as long as I want to and He's always there and listening. He may not always like what I have to say - but I can talk to Him like a loving Father and dear friend without Him yawning....;) This is something that our loved ones can't do or we for them no matter how much we love each other.

Have a blessed weekend!

Barbara Thayer said...

Hi Christina....yes, I love it when my daughter calls for help. I know how much joy it brings that I can be there for her as my mother was for me! Best part is as you stated that we can just call out to God any time we need to talk to Him. What a blessing! So glad you are back in your kitchen over at your blog! Love it! Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Barbara Thayer said... know what they say....great minds think alike! Actually the Holy Spirit gets all the credit!!!! He connects our heart even across the miles and even across cyberspace! It is wonderful that we can all share with each other what God is teaching us in our blogs! He gets all the glory too!!! Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!