Thursday, March 19, 2015

But What Does God Think?

      With all the hotly debated topics both in the media and even in Christian circles, we hear many ideas bandied about.  People have strong opinions on every side of a question.  However, the only question we need to ask ourselves when discussing any critical topic is "What does God think?"  It isn't hard to know the Lord's position on any important topic.  We only have to look into the Bible to find it.  
        For example, one of the principle teachings of the Bible is that actions have consequences.  We have only to read Genesis to learn this.  Man was given the opportunity to obey God in a perfect environment where no sin existed.  Yet we know that man and woman fell into sin in the Garden.  They would have lived forever in an unspoiled creation, but their act of rebellion brought in death, sin and sickness to the world, and we are inheritors of this fallen nature.  Knowing that this is God's position, let us contrast this with the opinions of the secular world in which we live.  
        Many today believe that there should not be any consequences for violating a specific law, legal agreement or even the marriage covenant.  We see evidence of that when people walk away from their mortgage, become involved in adultery, or knowingly break the law.  Lack of accountability and responsibility has escalated.  People make excuses for their actions, but in the end, it does not change the fact that God sees everything we do.  We will be held accountable when we stand before Him if we are not brought to face our wrongdoing here.  
       In the Christian faith, we know that we have God's forgiveness for our sins if we confess them.  We will have to face any consequences that come with our sin; however, we are not going to face God's ultimate judgment and loss of fellowship with Him forever in Hell.  This is another truth found in God's Word.  Jesus said in John 3:36:  "Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him."  It is a promise, and we can know that this is what God thinks on the topic.
       Furthermore, we know what God thinks about murder, stealing, worshipping other gods, lying, coveting and keeping the Sabbath.  It is all found in "The Ten Commandments".  When we open the pages of God's Word, we are reading God's thoughts after Him.  His character is fully revealed in the Bible from Old Testament to New Testament.  He is not hidden from us.  Likewise, He reveals who we are and why He made us.  We may not understand why He works the way He does, but the Bible even makes us aware of why in Isaiah 55:8:  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD."  
       No matter what decision we are trying to make shouldn't we seek first God and His wisdom?  So often, we want to run to others for their opinion or step out on our own strength.  We feel we can come to the conclusion without God's help.  As most of us know, however, when we do this, we are shortchanging ourselves and we often face the consequences of our folly.  Through the exercise of daily prayer and Bible study, we can begin to understand what God has to say to us.  Keep in mind, it is not wrong to seek godly counsel from Christian friends, but no decision should be made based on opinion only.
      In the pages of the Bible, we learn that God is holy, perfect, faithful, loving, just, merciful, wise, strong, almighty, all powerful, everywhere present, patient and on and on.  Would we not want His opinion first?  His truth? His insight?  I cannot think of a better resource when it comes to taking a stand in our lives.  Popular books, well-known people, politicians, and trendy ideas are great, but they lack the sovereignty of God who rules and reigns over all of life.  His perspective is the only one that counts.  May we remember this the next time we are faced with a crucial decision.  "What does God think?"  Selah!

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