Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Desert Experience

     Have you ever driven through the desert in New Mexico or Arizona?  As a little girl, my parents drove across the country to a relative's motel in Mesa, Arizona.  Following my bout with polio, I developed bronchitis, and my doctor advised a trip to a dryer climate in order to recuperate.  It was exciting to drive through so many different states and see the sights.  Being from the lush farmlands of Ohio, I was surprised to see the dry, arid desert.  There was nothing for miles but cactus, sage brush and sand.  At one point in our journey, we got caught up in a sand storm and had to stop along the side of the road until the wind and sand slowed down so we could see.  Compared to Ohio, the area seemed very barren.  In many ways, this can happen in our Christian life too.
     There are times in our lives when we have been resting in the lush green grass near a quiet stream.  Our spiritual walk is rich with beauty and a closeness to God that is hard to describe.  Then, something changes and it seems that we have stepped into an arid, dry period in our life where God seems far removed.  Our lips become parched, and we wonder if this time will ever pass.  If it is true for us individually, it is also true for our nation.  We have moved into a time of dryness as a country far from the rich pastureland of our Lord.  Yet God promises hope for all who trust in Him and this is also my prayer for our nation and the nations of this world.
     In Isaiah 44:3 we read:  "The Lord says, 'I will pour water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my spirit on your descendants and my blessing on your offspring.'"  This is the foretelling of the Messiah to come who will bring water to the thirsty soul, and when we drink of this water, we will never thirst again!  Yes, there are the dry places in life that come to all of us, but with the Holy Spirit living in and through us, we have a resource to replenish our weary souls.  We know that we will blossom again.  The greatest news though is that God promises to pour out His Spirit on our descendants and bless our offspring.  For me that is both reassuring and encouraging.  I long for my children and descendants to know and love the Lord as I do that they may walk in the blessings of our Savior Jesus Christ all their days.
     Presently, the nations of this world as well as our own country are experiencing the desert of uncertainty with terrorism, economic breakdown, and uncertain times.  We need the tender mercy and grace of our Lord to intervene and bring the rain upon our world.  Daily we need to pray that God will pour out His Spirit upon each country that eyes may be opened and hearts won to Christ.  This is the only way things can ever heart at a time.
     For those going through the dry places in life right now, rejoice because God is always there to give us the water of life we thirst for.  Prayer, reading the Word, and staying in fellowship with other believers is the key to restoring a closer walk with Christ.  He is our Good Shepherd who will once again lead us beside the still waters and restore our souls.  Trust in Him for He will bring us through! Selah!

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