Thursday, September 1, 2011

Munich's Treasure

Today, we packed our bags once more and moved on leaving Frankfurt behind. We traveled by train to Munich. Our train experience was interesting. We learned that you have to move
fast to find a seat and get your luggage put up. Otherwise, you are caught in the aisle unable to move with people filling all the space with their suitcases all around you. I think we will do better the next trip.
On the train, we had the fortune of meeting a nice German gentleman who could speak English.. He tried to assist me in connecting to the internet on the luck...but we made a friend. He is a web designer for a corporation and was going to visit a friend. We really enjoyed the time we spent in discussion. He parted company at Nuremberg while we were going on to Munich. I am always blessed by the way God brings new friends into our lives.
When we arrived at the train station, we were supposed to be greeted by a driver. However, the driver never came. So we called our travel agency and they had a cab come and get us. After getting settled in our hotel, we decided to take a trip to the palace of the Wittlesbach family who ruled Bavaria for hundreds of years. Rick Steve's had recommended this and we had the time to do it. I am so happy we did!
Munich has many wonderful places we can visit, but this was the best choice for us. We went through the extensive treasury of this royal family. Gem laden crowns, jewelry and broaches filled their treasure house. Scepters, swords, hand painted china from the Ming Dynasty and many other valuable pieces of art were displayed.
Beyond the treasury, we entered The Residence as it is called. We walked from room to room bedazzled by the gold gilded walls. The furniture, woodwork, pictures and decor kept us amazed at this wealth. It rivals the Queen's own palace in London. I posted many pictures on Facebook but hopefully will soon be able to share more on Flickr when I return.
After our tour, we walked the streets in the center of Munich. People were shopping,eating at street cafes and enjoying the cool temperature. Naturally, we wanted to visit the Hofbrauhaus Biergarten which is very famous. A live German band plays while whole families enjoy fellowship. We knew it was a tourist type of place so we left to find a nice
quiet Bavarian restaurant.
We found a spot on a side street that was empty when we entered. It had come recommended and we were not disappointed. Our sizzling hot skillet came with pork, leeks, sliced potatoes and a fried egg on top. The dish was excellent and we left quite satisfied.
Now, we need to turn in to prepare for another busy day ahead...a ten hour trip to Berchtesgaden and Hitler's Eagle's Nest. We will have a chance to see some history. I am praying that the weather report is wrong as it calls for rain. Again...I will let you know what adventures we encounter.
I welcome your comments here and I hope you are enjoying the updates.


Anonymous said...

Wow, there is so much to see in Europe. I do enjoy reading your updates. :)

Barbara Thayer said...

Thanks Harma Mae...yes, there are many wonderful things to learn, to see and to do here. Plus we meet the nicest people. It has been a great experience for us. Thanks for stopping by...I will get by your blog when I get a chance as I miss reading everything. So little time right now. But we will be returning soon enough.